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The G Shock DW6900NB-7 View - Why I Like This Watch
The Casio G Shock DW6900NB-7 is just one of the numerous in the DW6900 array. In my sincere point of view, it stands apart from the remainder of the designs in this range for lots of factors.
Something for certain concerning this watch is its top quality. Casio lacks inquiry, a premium quality brand. It has actually been around because 1946. In 1983, Casio releaseded their initial G Shock watch. Ever since, greater than 20 million G shock watches have been sold. Casio has always enjoyed top quality digital products. In 1957 they presented the initial digital small calculator.
Since those days several points have actually changed and also advanced, yet one thing is for sure, their top quality and criteria have actually always been high.
The G Shock watch is mainly developed for sporting activities, armed forces and also outside adventure usage. Yet just like all points these days, it has located itself as a fashion product. This does not take away its original principle and design as a very durable, strong and shock immune watch. This is still the mainstay of this brand. Their fashion brand name remains to grow, with Casio teaming up with numerous designers to produce scandal sheet supervise the years. The G Shock DW6900 range remains a popular watch. It has some actually awesome functions and functions. These include the timer/stopwatch, luminous illumination impact and also second-hand. It is known for its large face as well as great deals, making it actually simple to read the time in all lighting conditions. When it is dark, the luminescent lighting result gives it a really even illumination, as opposed to some watches where the light only beams in the edge of the watch.
Another wonderful attribute is the fact that this watch is made to stand up to the stress of 200 meters below the water, and it is water resistant to this degree. This corresponds to 660 feet.
The various other fantastic attribute of this design is the sturdy weight and really feel. It evaluates in at 16 ounces. This gives it a tough feel, which fits well on the wrist, without feeling troublesome.
So why do I particularly like the G shock DW6900NB-7 version? I believe it is due to the fact that it is the reverse of durability. It is brilliant white, but still a G Shock. It comes to be a fashion statement, yet it still has the feeling of a G Shock. It offers the impression that you are not simply a one-dimensional individual, yet able to be considereded as both trendy and also tough.
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