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Wikipedia - The Amazing Online Encyclopedia
Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales launched Wikipedia on 15th of January 2001. Wikipedia draws its origin from the Hawaiian word \"wiki\" meaning quick and the word \"Pedia\" after encyclopedia. Unlike the conventional encyclopedia, the large body of non-academic content in Wikipedia has drawn accolades from the four corners of the world.
Internet users refer to it constantly for any doubts online, and Wikipedia never disappoints a client, irrespective of the keyword he punches in for a search in Wikipedia on to his computer. Time magazine, in 2006 declared that Wikipedia was on par with the other platforms for online interactions and compared favorably with MySpace, YouTube and Facebook in its ability to clear the doubts of millions of its viewers. Moreover, Wikipedia has earned praise from every part of this world for its status as a reliable news source, especially because they update the articles regularly.
Wikipedia has a convenient collaboration of multilingual editors who are responsible for this amazing online encyclopedia. The Wikipedia foundation supports the collaborative effort that has churned out over 24 million articles out of which over 4 million are in English. All Wikipedia authors, more than 100,000 volunteers furnish articles free of cost to the Wikipedia foundation from every part of the globe, and some of the qualified authors proofread, edit and correct before publishing the article. In February 2013, you can find Wikipedia editions in more than 285 languages with over 365 million readers, making it the most potent source of information online. Today, Wikipedia stands high as an ideal platform for research wikipedia and information pooling for the Internet browsing fraternity to advance their knowledge base on several subjects in the world.
Some people however, aver that Wikipedia which was initially intended as a community-driven site, should continue in that strain and not start to choose articles that follow their view alone. These people also contend that they should not have the freedom to direct the fate of information on their site.
When you want to research and publish any matter through the Wikipedia web page development services and Wikipedia web page composing, you must first research whether the same subject is already available on the Wikipedia pages. If nothing shows up you can easily enter the data and create your own wiki page. If however, you find data on the same subject in the Wikipedia pages, you could even adjust or add to the information on that page. Wikipedia organizers are extremely keen for participation by new writers, and will offer maximum support to this community of writers.
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