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Festivals Around The World
Travelling the world is thrilling. When attending festivals in a faraway land, it is even better. There are hundreds of places to visit. Some festivities will take you to South America and others to Asia. Tourist Tube will be your guide and travel companion. Just remember to have fun and bring stories home.
music festivals  Festivals, World Music Festival
Music and travel go hand in hand. If you are looking for the place to stay, try Glastonbury. The event happens in June with performances by international artists. Glaston is messy, loud, and wild, which festivals should be.
In Indo California, you will attend Coachella another famous world music festival. The festivities start by April with the biggest names in music attending. Boom Belgium hosts Tommowland, which has quickly become the world`s most adored electronic dance music festival.
Festivals around the World
Each corner of the globe has something to offer. Rio`s Carnaval is a gem. Of late, the Carnaval draws over 2 million people. It is colourful, exciting, and enchanting. During the parade, you will see giant parades and performers dancing to Samba music. The Carnaval is one party where the world comes together.
In Venice, Italy journey for the Carnevale held from February to March. Also called the Carnival, people have celebrated it since the 13th century. The masked party is one the best in the world. If you need to tour Europe, also attend Oktoberfest — Munich, German. Munich`s Oktoberfest is the largest in the world among other small offshoots.
Holi is among the best festivals around the World. Also known as the festival of colours, people celebrate it in India and Nepal. The festival signifies the arrival of spring.
La Tomatina –Bu?ol, link web page Spain is an event of sheer fun. In 1945, some locals began throwing vegetable and fruits during a parade. Until now, the tomato-throwing festival continues. It may seem a little crazy, but the action is thrilling. You can take part in La Tomatina during the last Wednesday in August.
The Day of the Dead (Dia de lost Meurtos) is a popular festival held in Mexico. During the three days from 31 Oct-2nd Nov, Mexicans remember and honour their deceased friends and family. The interest in the parade may lead to increased attendance in the coming years. To attend a film festival, Cannes held in France is the place to be. You do not have to be a famous celebrity to attend the ceremony.
Sometimes the travelling can enrich your knowledge. The best place to do this is at the World Science Festival. During the event, bright minds meet to discuss the issues affecting the world. If you want to attend the next year`s event, head to New York.
Of course, there are many other festivals to visit. Some examples include St Patrick’s Day (New York City), Sky Lantern Festival (Taiwan - Republic of China), King’s Day (Amsterdam - Netherlands), Comicon (San Diego) among others.
Find all the places to visit on Tourist Tube and travel the globe with confidence.
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