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Discover Paris World`s Best Tourism Destination
Paris is a European city well known for fashion, gastronomy, and culture. The French capital is also the most populous city in the country and attracts many visitors every year from different regions in the world. discover rome Paris by visiting the following top destinations.
Visit the Catacombs of Paris
This is one of the Paris top attractions that were created as a solution to the cities overflow of the dead bodies. Early in the 18th century, Paris was a stinking town and a place that had many dead bodies discover rome dumped in most places because the cemeteries were filled. As a solution, the bodies had to be cleaned up, and they were dumped in this place that came to be one of the top tourists attraction. For over two years, the workers were tasked with emptying the cemeteries to create room for more people to be buried. The bones decorations were stuck together to attract the tourist and to date; this has remained Paris top attraction for the tourists. Therefore, when you visit Paris, you should make way to the catacombs where you will learn a lot about the history of how people were buried and how the operation of emptying the graves was reached at.
Visit Museum Paris
The Louvre museum in Paris holds several master pieces of the 20th century featuring paintings, sculptures and several drawings. The museum itself can be labelled as a masterpiece of itself with thousands of tourist coming here every year. For those who would like to visit the museum off-peak, you should book early and travel before the holidays. Over the holidays, it is usually the peak time when everyone is rushing to the museum and therefore a lot of congestion and would not be enough time for a detailed study. Therefore have your travel tickets ready and travel during the off-peak seasons.
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Erected in 1887 in preparation for the World Fair exhibition, this has become to be a top attraction centre for tourists. A Paris sightseeing trip will not be complete without visiting this tower. You can view the tower from different vantage points around Paris since it is a high rise tower. Each of the materials that were used in construction of the Eiffel Tower was manufactured in Eiffel factory after a proper calculation was done to determine the dimensions that were to be observed and also the number of the materials needed. About 7,300 tons of Iron was used in building the tower. Therefore, it continues to be an iconic mark in the architectural designs of France and a nice place to visit on your Paris sightseeing trip. discover rome Paris best places one of them being this unique tower.
Paris has been a centre of attraction for various world events and continues to be a top tourist destination across the world. To discover rome Paris, plan a sightseeing trip over the holidays when you will get to meet many people from different backgrounds.
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